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November convoy

There were two nuclear weapons convoys which travelled to Scotland in the closing months of 1998. There was one convoy in October and a second in November. Both convoys were stopped twice each. Not only were they stopped by Faslane Peace Camp in Dumbartonshire, but they were also stopped by protesters in Newcastle.

The November convoy was escorted by huge numbers of police and troops as it snaked its way through the scenic countryside of Glen Fruin near Loch Lomond. As it crawled slowly up a steep hill, six Peace Campers appeared from the woods and easily stopped the massive lorries and their nuclear cargo. The Police were nowhere in sight. The Campers chained themselves underneath to prevent the lorries from moving. Darkness had fallen before the vehicles were able to continue. Brian Quail gave two live radio interviews describing the convoy, firstly on Scot FM as they travelled up the M74 and later on Radio Scotland after they had been stopped.

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