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Money Matters

As you will appreciate Scottish CND employs a full time worker and runs an office which we have bought out of a legacy we received some years ago. These provide the basis on which we, despite now having a much reduced membership and level of local branch activity, have been able to maintain our profile as leaders in Scotland of the movement to rid our country of Trident.

If however we are to keep up this level of activity we need to considerably increase our day to day income. For this reason we enclose with this magazine a copy of our latest leaflet. We are asking every one of you to use this to recruit an additional member, or better a whole family! If every Scottish CND member does this we could double our guaranteed income overnight and ensure our future.

This very latest leaflet has already been used in some areas as a means for publicity and recruitment. Please consider ways you could do this.

Another important means of raising our profile and membership is by distributing the “Declaration of Faslane” cards. A substantial number of these are returned with requests for more information. A good number of these in turn end up joining SCND. One of our supporters was able to get these distributed in her church with backing from the pulpit: a method that might be applied in many other organizations.

Two other points:
1. Legacies have provided an important part of our income in recent years: think about it and consider doing the necessary
2. There was a time when locally organised fund raising events got us a lot of money: it hasn’t happened for a long time but the market is still there....?

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