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sub launch

At 11.40 am on Sat 19 Sep the fourth Trident submarine will be launched at Barrow in Cumbria and named "HMS Vengeance" by Mrs Robertson. Her husband the Defence Secretary George Roberston is also likely to be present. This will be the first Trident to be launched under a Labour Government. The photograph shows the launch of HMS Vanguard in 1992.

CND are organising a noisy colourful demonstration on the Michaelson bridge opposite the site of the glorification ceremony. So come with banners, drums, whistles, anything that makes noise basically. Several coachloads will travel from the British CND conference. The demonstration will begin at 10 am and there will be short speaches at 12 noon by Bruce Kent (CND Vice President), Jane Tallents (Scottish CND), Lysiane Alezard (Mouvement de la Paix, France) and Dave Knight (CND).

It is important to have a noticeable Scottish presence. A minibus leaves George Square, Glasgow at 4 pm on Friday 18 Sep. We’ll be staying overnight in Barrow and returning Saturday. To book a place phone Scottish CND on 0141 423 1222.

We will be arriving in time for a gig which Cumbria CND have organised on the Friday evening. "A rocking good peace night" will be held in Forum 28, Barrow-in-Furness. Those participating include - Justin Sullivan from New Model Army; SALT - Latin and African Scar Fusion; Chris James - Deep South Acoustic Blues; Mind Pilots - Barrows finest R and B.

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