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We worked hard in all our campaigning immediately after the tests to keep the message clear and simple - it is now up to all eight nuclear weapon states including India, Pakistan and Israel to agree immediately a process for disarmament of all nuclear arsenals.

They have a clear choice, begin nuclear disarmament or face another phase of the nuclear arms race which ultimately destroys people’s lives and diverts scarce resources away from health, education and social programmes.

I feel we need to give a lot of support to the anti-nuclear groups working in both Pakistan and India, and in the UK to help them do that. We have been working with Indian and Pakistani groups in Britain and some of them joined us on our demonstrations in London.

Of course the best thing we could do to help persuade the Indian and Pakistani governments to rid themselves of the horror of nuclear weapons would be to persuade our own government to scrap Trident.

Carol Naughton, CND Vice Chair

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