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Scottish Labour Conference in March passed by a majority of 60% to 40% a resolution originated by Scottish Labour CND calling for the scrapping of Trident. This position has been maintained by the Party in Scotland for the past 17 years and contrasts with that in the British Party where nuclear disarmament motions have fallen recently.

From this year however Labour members will no longer have the opportunity to submit such resolutions. Annual Conference agendas will henceforth be concerned with a limited number of topics chosen by the leadership. This year the topic at British Conference which Labour CND has calculated gives limited opportunities to raise nuclear weapons is Europe. I have copies of a model resolution aiming to do this via the issue of defence spending. I would ask any Party members in CND who feel they might have a chance with it to contact me.

As yet we are unaware of what topics are to be chosen for next year’s Scottish Conference. We shall of course follow this closely. As soon as we know if there are any possibilities for raising nuclear weapons there we shall contact our usual mailing list, anyone wanting to be added to this please contact me.

Tony Southall, Secretary Scottish Labour CND. (Telephone 0141 423 7929)

Note: John McAllion, Denis Canavan & Maria Fyfe are all members of Parliamentary Labour CND.

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