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The government has admitted that on at least 40 occasions radiation has leaked from nuclear submarine bases in Scotland into the sea. Most of the incidents happened at the Faslane base where radioactive liquid had been "unintentionally released" into the Clyde 33 times since 1980. Over the same period there were a further 7 unauthorised discharges as Rosyth.

The coolant water from the reactors on submarines is periodically removed and stored on land in Primary Effluent Tanks. It is these tanks which have been leaking. In 1987 almost one cubic metre of radioactive liquid ended up in the Clyde. Dr David Lowry, an environmental consultant, was concerned that there could have been other incidents that we donít know about. He said "What concerns me is what other radioactive releases may have happened which have not yet been admitted."

The story was reported in Scotland on Sunday following questions in parliament from Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker. The government reply also admitted that there had been 10 leaks from the naval dockyard at Devonport.

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