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Local News

British CND organised a Trafficking Trident tour which involved taking a half-size Trident missile to towns and cities around the country. The tour visited Dundee, Irvine and Ayr in early August and there were successful street events in all three places. In Irvine a new CND group has been formed. They held a joint ceilidh with Ayr CND to coincide with the Tour. Dundee CND also held their annual Hiroshima commemoration with a march and rally on Law Hill.

The Walk for Peace was supported by local CND supporters along the route, including a gathering at the Peace Tree in Rutherglen Main Street. Clydebank CND organised leafleting and a lunch stop for the walkers in the Clydebank Shopping Centre.

Arran for a Non Nuclear Environment held their annual fund raising craft fair in Brodick Hall in July.

Helensburgh CND has been kept busy providing practical support for the Ploughshares Camp and tea and coffee for the Stop, Look, Listen Demonstration.

Stirling CND are helping to support those in prison in Cornton Vale and continue to have monthly stalls in the town centre.

Edinburgh CND sent a contingent to the 15th August demonstration.

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