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The Declaration of Faslane was launched in May by Alex Salmond, Cathy Jamieson, member of the Scottish Labour Party executive and Graham Blount from the Church of Scotland Church and Nation Committee.

The objective is to obtain thousands of signatures to a declaration addressed to the forthcoming Scottish Parliament. To date hundreds of cards have been signed. Very importantly many have been sent back accompanied by donations of up to 100. We now need urgently to extend the Declarations circulation so that next year we have a really impressive total that can back our campaign for the Assembly to declare its opposition to Trident.

If every member got 10 cards signed wed have well over 10,000. So start thinking now about getting a pile and taking them into your work, union meeting, church service, local shop, in fact anywhere you come into contact with other people. This is a simple way we can raise the issue and help the campaign at no cost to ourselves in time or money! Order those cards now and help get this campaign really rolling.

Tony Southall

Scottish CND      Magazine