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Defence Policy: No Change
Foreign Policy: No Change

It was always made clear by Labour leaders that their new Government would continue Conservative policy on building Trident. (No surprise: negotiations to buy this American missile system had been started by the Callaghan Labour Government in 1978).

Pre-Election statements however tried to present Labour foreign policy as potentially different. Not a chance! The past weeks have confirmed what already became apparent earlier in the year as Britain meekly followed every American move in the threatened war against Iraq. Fortunately UN negotiations and widespread world opposition as well as big anti-war mobilisations in the US and smaller ones here, including our own CND initiated meeting in George Square with a broad spectrum of speakers, stopped war then, even if only temporarily.

But when the US in August used terrorist bombs in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam as justification for bombing raids in Sudan and Afghanistan Blair immediately appeared from his holiday home to give support to an action that was at least questioned by the three other members of the UN Security Council.

Ironically these raids which like their excuse, also killed civilians indiscriminately, came almost at the same time as the bomb in Omagh that received universal condemnation. But then these were our allies’ actions and demanded unquestioning support!

Tony Southall

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