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Scottish CND conference 1998

Scottish CND Annual Conference 1998
10.30 am - 4.30 pm Saturday 10th October
Municipal Buildings, Corn Exchange Rd, Stirling

Come to our annual conference in Stirling. As elections for the Scottish Parliament draw nearer there will be a debate with representatives of the main political parties. We have invited speakers from the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party. This will be an opportunity to hear what each of them has to say about Trident and nuclear disarmament, and to ask them questions. Rev Maxwell Craig will also be taking part to present the views of the Scottish Churches. This will be followed by a short presentation on Trident Ploughshares 2000, describing what they have done so far and their plans for the future.

After lunch we will be discussing campaigning up to the year 2000 in a series of workshops which will include political work, the Scottish Parliament, direct action, education, mobilising and media work.

We appreciate the support of Stirling Council in providing the venue.

The following resolution has been proposed for Conference on behalf of the Executive:

Scottish CND applauds and thanks the international Walk for Peace and Ploughshares participants who have broadened knowledge of and support for our campaign against Trident.

This conference agrees that Scottish CND and all its branches should mobilise its members to support in what ever way possible and appropriate the next Ploughshares days of action in November and February.


10.30 am registration and coffee
11.00am political debate on Trident
12.30pm presentation on Ploughshares
1.00 pm lunch, arranged by Stirling CND
2.00 pm workshops on future campaiging
3.30 pm reports and accounts
4.30 pm close

looking forward to 2000

Mar 4th Trident arrives
May Scottish elections
Oct Scottish parliament opens
Jan Start of new millenium

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