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Declaration of Faslane

We the people of Scotland
do hereby make it known
that we will no longer tolerate
nuclear weaponry on our land
or in our waters.
In now expressing our clear will,
we mandate all our political
to rid Scotland of Trident.

On 11th May the Declaration of Faslane was launched at a press conference in Glasgow City Chambers. At the launch SNP leader Alex Salmond MP said "I think the number is up for nuclear weapons in Scotland".

Scottish Labour Party Executive member Cathy Jamieson spoke of the support for CND within the rank and file of the Labour Party.

Rev Graham Blount, Secretary of the Church and Nation Committee of the Church of Scotland accused the government of hypocrisy saying "This hypocrisy is indicated by preaching unilateral disarmament while escalating its own nuclear capability."

We are trying to gain as many signatures as possible on the Declaration of Faslane, which is available on postcards in English, Gaelic, Scots (Doric), Urdu, Punjabi and Chinese. The wording is the same as the Peace Pledge and both will be sent together to the Scottish Parliament. Please order cards from the Scottish CND office and help to get our message across.

The Declaration is available on-line.

Scottish CND      Magazine