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Peace Walk

An international group of around 50 people will be travelling from Belgium to Faslane in a walk for Nuclear Disarmament. They will be holding a peace camp at NATO headquarters in Belgium 1 - 11 July. They will then travel across Britain.

They will travel past Trident related sites on their route.The targetting of nuclear weapons is carried out at NATO headquarters in Belgium. The nuclear warheads are built at Aldermaston. The fuel cores for submarine reactors are made at Derby. They will pass Inskip, a transmitter which communicates with submarines. Sellafield has reprocessed plutonium and uranium for bombs. Chapelcross, near Annan, produces Tritium for Trident nuclear warheads.

The route across Scotland is:

31 Jul walk from organic farm near Longtown to Gretna
1 Aug walk to Lockerbie, passing Chapelcross nuclear power station
2 Aug walk to Beattock
3 Aug walk to Elvanfoot or Crawford
4 Aug walk to Talahm, near Coalburn
5 Aug rest day atTalamh
6 Aug walk to Hamilton or Blantyre, Hiroshima Day event
7 Aug walk to Kinning Park, Glasgow, evening entertainment at Kinning Park Centre
8 Aug walk down cycle path to Dumbarton then to Renton, hospitality at Community Centre
9 Aug walk past Loch Lomond and over the hills Helensburgh then to Faslane on Nagasaki day

At the end of their journey the walkers will join the Ploughshares protest taking place at Faslane from 11th August and the CND demonstration on 15th August.

They will be camping or staying in halls at overnight stops along the way. A support vehicle will carry luggage and equipment.

Please support them:

join in and walk for all or part of the journey
if you live on the route, can you provide help in the form of food, baths, entertainment ...

For further information on the walk in Scotland contact Grace at Talamh, Birkhill House, Coalburn, ML11 0NJ.
tel 01555 820400, e-mail
or the Scottish CND office.

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