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Winter Solstice at Faslane Peace Camp

While the majority of the British isles celebrated its first and hopefully last Tellytubbie / Spicegirl Christmas the residents of the peace camp gazed to the moon to celebrate the winter Solstice and the beginning of the longer daylight hours. Thus on the 20th and 21st of December we decided to have a party. Unfortunately things didn't go quite to plan. The bands turned up, but the PA didn't, well did briefly, then left because its owner "didn't like the look of the camp". However the all female percussion band "Sheboom" didn't need a PA and added a much needed hearty beat to a street party which was in effect a rehearsal for what was to happen in the small hours of Monday morning.

0400 hours, Monday the 22nd of December. Like out of a scene from the Great Escape campers scurried quickly from their caravans to the communal in between the searching intrusive, searchlight beam of the police patrol boat chugging ponderously along the Gareloch. So began Operation Stop, Shift, Surprise. Residents and visitors, teetotallers and the "never again " congregated in the communal to consume hot porridge lovingly made by our press liaison "hold the front page" man Rab. At approximately 0700 hours Rab released a triumphant press release. The A814 had been occupied and blocked to traffic by over 40 protesters. We had taken the police and the early morning shift by surprise - who would thus unfortunately be rather late for their days employment in Her Majesties base for global genocide.

Simon gave Mary a loving hug as she lie on the wet tarmac. She was one of five protesters positioned in a star formation in the centre of the road whose arms were locked on inside plastic and steel pipes. She displayed her youth by painting her face with the whiskers of a cat. Yet through the lens of my camcorder I saw not a cheerful, playful pussycat but a lioness in the field of battle holding her ground as the obedient slaves of the MOD police stood over the five, unsure what to do next.

Nearly one hour later their orders finally came through and they moved with brutal efficiency. The five were dragged to the side of the road, Simon embraced Mary desperately but to no avail. The lovers were torn apart, Mary to the Helensburgh Victoria infirmary with a dislocated arm and severe bruising, Simon to the familiar Peace camp haunt of Dumbarton Police station.

There was shock and dismay at the police tactics. Four of the five received some form of injury. Anik though was right as rain and I laughed as she cheerfully informed me that she was double jointed.

The action was a fine and noble end to 1997. But how many more Marys, how many more pussycats must become lionesses before their time in order to defeat the insanity of a system that will one day most surely be the end of us all.

Disco Dave

Faslane Peace Camp needs -

scaffolding, transport, bicycles, a van ? wheelbarrows, tarps, bender poles, boltcutters, shovels, picks, rope, gardening tools, plants and seeds, climbing gear, D locks, padlocks, chains, hacksaws & blades, paint & brushes, frame tents, fog horns, woodburners, firewood (untreated please), building materials;
lighting - candles, paraffin, torches & batteries
communication - mobile phone, CBs, video camera & tapes & spare batteries, still cameras & films,
nice things - yummy munchies, cakes, tapes

- most of all we need you - to help any way you can

Faslane Peace Camp, Shandon, Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire. Please phone 01436 820901

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