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International Criminal Court

Moves are underway to set up a permanent Court to try war criminals. Our government is trying to exclude nuclear weapons from the remit of the Court. If the NATO countries have their way then the Court could try a war criminal who killed civilians using a hand gun or machete but not if he used an nuclear bomb.

Chapelcross incident

Fractures were discovered recently in pipe work at the Chapelcross nuclear power plant near Dumfries. Chapelcross is one of the oldest and most dangerous nuclear stations in the UK. It is kept going because it is the only British source of tritium, which is a vital ingredient in Trident nuclear warheads.

Peace Camp Eviction Legal Moves

After a brief court appearance in November Peace Campers applied for legal aid. The applications were rejected, but they have appealed against this. A new court date will be set after the legal aid issue is resolved. If you want to find out the lastest news phone Faslane Peace Camp on 01436820901.

More Generals Against the Bomb

Lord Bramall, Defence Chief 1982-85, has changed his view and now argues against the bomb: In hindsight, I do not think it would have changed the course of history one iota if we in this country had not had our own so-called independent deterrent. (Lords debate 17/12/97)

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