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Lord Carver will be speaking at a public meeting in the Lecture Theatre, Royal Museum, Edinburgh on Sunday 5th April 1998, 2 pm to 5 pm. The Former Chief of Defence Staff will be giving a talk on Trident called Useless Weapons. The meeting has been organised by the British Pugwash Group. Pugwash are a group of scientists who have long campaigned against nuclear arms. The public meeting is part of the Edinburgh Science Festival and has the title: Tridentosauros or A Trident-Free Britain ?

Also speaking will be Robert McNamara, the former US Secretary of Defence who now argues for the elimination of nuclear arms. His talk is on reflections on war in the 21st century. The Former Defence and Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind will be speaking on nuclear weapons - the political arguments.

Chair of British Pugwash Dr Pease will speak on Does Britain need nuclear weapons ? The meeting will be chaired by Sir Michael Atiyah OM FRS FRSE, President of International Pugwash Conferences and Past President of the Royal Society of London.

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