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Scottish CND Annual Conference October 1997

Scottish CNDís annual conference was held in Edinburgh courtesy of the City Council. Isobel Lindsay was the opening speaker and said:

The Scottish Parliament will not have power over Defence but it should try to act as a Ďpersuaderí, developing the case for non-nuclear defence, a more effective role in peacekeeping and an active Defence Diversification Unit for alternative jobs.

John McAllion MP made a valuable contribution to the conference and hosted a workshop on Westminster. He said:

The election of a Labour Government has opened up tremendous new possibilities for Scottish CND. Nearly half of Labourís conference voted to scrap Trident. There is also a glaring contradiction between the new Governmentís desire to pursue an ethical foreign policy and their defence teamís insistence on continuing to threaten millions of innocent civilians with nuclear annihilation. Exposing that contradiction and building on the widespread support for CND inside the Labour Party provides an agenda which can win not just the Labour Party but the British government to unilateral nuclear disarmament.

Resolutions were agreed by conference making Trident our main priority and calling on the Government to scrap Trident and pursue world nuclear disarmament.

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