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Stop nuclear weapons
Look at the madness of Trident
Listen to the people

Join in a day of protest against nuclear weapons at the Trident submarine base. In the morning there will be street activity in Helensburgh and in the evening a ceilidh. The main activity will be at Faslane in the afternoon. This will include placing STOP signs, some of them large, around the fence. There will be arrangements for people to look around the base and listen to music.

At the moment it is difficult to predict what the position of Faslane Peace Camp will be in August - but whatever happens about the eviction it is important that the protests against Trident continue.

This Scottish CND event will coincide with the Trident Ploughshares 2000 actions.

10.00 am Street campaigning on Helensburgh sea front, handing out Red, Amber and Green STOP TRIDENT balloons.
12.30 pm Assemble at Peace Camp
1.00 pm Set off on march along the fence (1 mile)
1.30 pm Rally at North gate, Faslane Trident base, Speakers and colourful activities, Placing STOP signs around the fence.
3.30 pm * 1st Cruise on Gareloch from Helensburgh
5.00 pm * 2nd Cruise on Gareloch from Helensburgh
5.30 pm Food and ceilidh at South Gate and beach

* Cruises around Gareloch to Faslane on chartered boat, The Second Snark, with refreshments and bar
- book in advance adults 4, children 2.

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