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Hiroshima Commemoration - Dundee

Keith Gardiner.

Since 1982 Dundee CND has held its Hiroshima Day march and rally. A range of different grouups are represented. These included the Green Party, Labour councillors and MPs, the local Trades Council and local churches. The speakers this year were Rev Eric Cramb, Church of Scotland industrial chaplin and Mike Arnott, chairperson of Dundee Trades Council. Both stressed the importance of remembering the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and pointed to the increase of the nuclear threat represented by Trident.

Our march and rally is always held on Dundee's Law Hill. This location offers a panoramic view to Dundee and the surrounding countryside. It also gives a graphic illustration of the devastation a nuclear attack would cause.

Tridentspotting tour in Cupar

Joan Brown

Towards the end of a very wet grey afternoon I drove over to St Andrews to meet CND's Trident Crew. They had already packed up after a long miserable stint in an unwelcoming town, but their van was easy to find.

In Cupar the campaigners settled down with cups of tea and what at best could be described as a mixture of stoicism and fatigue, to plan the next day. I felt very sorry for them, and proud of them too that they were continuing to campaign in the face of such awful weather and an unheeding local populace. I wondered at how disheartened they must be.

But, of course, they did revive. A combination of warmth and the chance to dry things out, food, drink, conversation and of course their natural resilience brought them round. Down the pub later on with local CND members the campaign crew positively sparkled. Tales of past campaigns were told, songs were sung rather well, I thought, and it became a very happy evening.

The next morning the campaigners set off early for Perth leaving behind, well actually a number of things which had to be posted on, but mainly a warm afterglow.

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