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  SCND's Main Priorities  
Trident is the prime focus of our campaigning, as all British nuclear weapons are based here in Scotland, where the 4 Vanguard class nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed submarines operate out of Faslane on the Gareloch. Each of these submarines carry 48 Trident warheads (bombs) each of which is approximately 8 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

For more infomation on Trident - Click here. The Government is expected to make a decision by 2010 on whether to replace Trident. This provides a major opportunity for our campaign.

Scotland's for Peace

In March 2005 a new initiative was launched at the Oran Mor in Byres Road, Glasgow. Scotland's for Peace brings together peace, religious and trade union organisations with the aim - "we desire that Scotland should be known for its contribution to international peace and justice rather than for waging war". Scottish CND plays a key role supporting this project.

Star Wars

American plans for “Missile Defense” (so-called Star Wars) involve the deployment of nuclear weapons in space in violation of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, which outlaws the militarisation of space. This proposed anti-missile system is also in breach of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty of 1972. These American plans aim to achieve “Full Spectrum Dominance” i.e. world control through Missile Defence, as outlined in the official US document, “Vision for 2020”. In pursuit of these aims, there is to be a huge expansion of US facilities at Menwith hill and Fylingdales in Yorkshire. CND is totally opposed to US plans for Missile Defence.

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